Our  Brand  Story

We focus on flavours derived from all natural ingredients to provide
something you can use to enhance your cooked or prepared food.

The something extra that adds a delicious natural taste to the foods you love.

About Us

Over the past 15 years we have owned and operated cafés across Australia. During this time we have always worked on creating our own unique condiments for that special something as part of our menu. Now, after many requests for our recipes, we have decided to bottle these up and have selected a few favourites for everyone to enjoy. 

We have put together a distinctive range of jams, sauces, chutneys and relish, many of which we use in our café  and all are made from the freshest produce available. We don’t add any preservatives, colours or flavours, so our products are naturally gluten free.

Made on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, we pride ourselves on creating delicious products from scratch and in small batches. We use traditional recipes with a unique twist to create fresh and innovative fusions of flavours.

Our mission is simple – to create gourmet quality condiments that are made from all natural ingredients that bring something simple and delicious to your table!

Quality Additions

A condiment is a spice or preparation that is added to food to enhance the flavour and complement the dish. We hope you find just that in our range.

Add something special to your dining experiences, we produce these great tasting condiments to enhance the flavours of your everyday dishes.

Assorted Condiment Jars with Abundant Ingredients